Stream Energy’s Latest Offering Brings Energy Services to Delaware Consumers

Positioning themselves to continue progress with their 2005 vision of capturing market share in the clean energy space, Stream Energy announced its release of the company’s Energy Services to New England customers, expanding their Home Services, Protective and Wireless services core offerings.


The new service, offered to consumers in Delaware, extends their retail energy packages to eight states, a list that includes New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Illinois, Georgia and Stream Energy’s home state of Texas.


As their second energy services expansion in the latter half of 2017, this most recent growth follows the firm’s successful launch of its energy services retail launch in Illinois last September.


Delaware customers will now have the options of selecting from Stream Energy’s initial two billing offerings. Both of the 6 month and 12-month plans are fixed rate, with the 12 months offering the company’s competitive pricing, while the 6-month plan will price at 2 percent below the region’s competitive incumbent (


COO, Dan O’Malley, expressed his enthusiasm for the recent growth by affirming that Energy Services Delaware launch represents an exciting period of expansion momentum, closing out 2017 and revealing the brighter potential that Stream Energy will enter into 2018 with.


Larry Mondry, the firm’s CEO and President, stated that the availability to Delaware represents a powerful opportunity, enabling even more energy consumers in the country’s northeast region access to Stream Energy’s services and team.


About Stream Energy


Founded in 2004 by Rob Snyder and Pierre Koshajki, the Dallas, Texas-based firm’s innovative energy product offerings have continued to capture significant market share in the renewable energy sector, expanding the business’ North American footprint. As a leading deliverer of renewable energy solutions, the company’s more than $8 billion in revenue, which it has generated since its 2005 founding, has resulted in its becoming one of the leading direct sellers of energy in global markets.


Stream Energy, through its Energy offerings, fulfills the company’s vision of becoming a key force in the movement to be a provider of lower cost electricity, derived from renewable energy sources, to consumers. The company’s services are offered throughout the United States.