Securus Technologies – Exceptional Service that is Second to None

Securus Technologies is a privately held communications products and services provider in the United States that has recently started to provide their services to Canada as well. The company offers a broad range of products that includes communications and information management solutions to prisons, county jails, and correctional facilities. Securus was founded in the year 1986 and have continued to add newer products to its portfolio. The company has its headquarter in Dallas, but has a number of offices across the country so that their customers do not have any problem in getting the help they need.


Securus has many different products that it offers to its clients. One of their top software is the LBS software that has helped the legal department and the sheriff department to recover losses within a few days. I have been with the Sheriff department for a few days and am impressed with the way LBS software is helped in the retrieving of useful items within time to help put the people responsible for burglary behind bars. I would suggest all Sheriffs department across the states to adopt the system in their offices as it makes lives much easier for everyone. They also become acceptable proof in front of the law ensuring that the people do not get away from committing such crimes.


Through their efforts, the company is becoming one of the pioneers in the jail technology and has its presence in almost all of the country’s jails in some way or the other. Securus Technologies also provide open invitations to their prospective clients who can visit their facilities at any time and know more about their different products. They are free to ask questions about their services to the knowledgeable executives and how they can customize their products to meet their requirements.