Is There Even An ROI For Online Reputation Management?

A recent article shared on the topic of startups investing in reputation management that looks at different aspects with why this is a great investment can prove to be a helpful piece. It gives you an insider’s look at the actual return of investment you can attain by simply investing in good reputation management. There

Securus Technologies Is Helping Jails Stop Crime

Securus Technologies has always been known for developing technology to help inmates better contact their family members. The public would love to know that the products Securus Technologies provides also helps law enforcement by aiding them in stopping crime.   The biggest way law enforcement is stopping crime is through phone monitoring. Every phone call

Squaw Valley Responds to Water Problems

Squaw Valley resort issued an extended statement in response to recent news that E. coli and coliform bacteria was found in the water of their upper mountain facility. The first report of a problem was in November 2016. Since that time, the water has been showing consistent improvement with appropriate treatment. Seventy five percent of

Eric Lefkofsky Company

Starting a new business takes a lot of forward planning. Many people like the idea of owning their own business. However, when it actually comes to putting in the work to accomplish their goals, few people are willing to do so for long periods of time. Not only that, but many new companies require capital

Yuru Yuri’s Perfect Dose of Love

  For anime fans hesitant to delve in the anime yuri genre, there is one show that may just give them the right push. Originally a yuri manga, Yuru Yuri translates to Easygoing Yuri. In 2012, an anime adaptation premiered in the summer. It has ended up spanning three seasons, one OVA, and two specials

Influential Edison Research Findings

Norman Pattiz revealed findings conducted by Edison Research. The studies examined major brands that are well-known nationally. It also examined several classifications. The purpose of the studies was to show a substantial influence that podcast marketing can have on recall of a brand. The studies examined the intent of buying a product and remembrance of