OSI Industries Is Passionate About Growth Opportunities

Why Choose An OSI Diet

OSI Industries Inc. has made a positive impact on the food network with a completely nutritious diet. They were on of the first to a stabilized food industry. The understand putting a meal on the table depends on the rules set forth by government food inspection mandates. Their nutritious ingredients are included directly on their website, letting you know where your food is from and what’s in it. Their public disclosure model has gained the trust of the families and customers they feed. Competitor food processing corporations have used this model for their safety goals.

Who Is OSI Industries Inc.

OSI Industries is a popular Zurich. Illinois based food processing corporation. They are proudly spearheaded by CEO, Sheldon Lavin and president, David A. McDonald. They played a major role in the success of their Asian and United States partnerships. They celebrated a 20 year anniversary in China and are looking forward to other international partnerships. In fact, they also want to get organic products to India and other overseas networks. Their main focus is processing all-natural ingredients in these regions. OSI continues to be committed to a healthy diet.

They are proud to have contributed significantly to the business growth in Europe. During one successful international expansion partnership, OSI was able to negotiate a food processing deal worth an estimated $7.4 million dollars. They are now operating the main food processing facility with Flagship Europe. Flagship is one of the largest food processing facilities in Europe and OSI is proud to be a partner in processing their food condiments, frozen poultry, and other meat products. OSI has been able to partner with some of the top international food processing plants around the world.

OSI Industries Inc. proudly has over $2.4 billion dollars in assets. They adhere to the strict food safety rules to put a wholesome nutritious meal on your table and you’ll know where it. Comes from and what’s in it by visiting their website. They offer many diverse job opportunities around the world at OSI. Their job opportunities are available directly from their website. You’re invited to become a part of their proud group of professionals and enjoy being a part of providing safe meals around the globe. Ear food without the danger of secret additives and ingredients. Great food is as simple as an OSI Industries Inc. diet today.

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