OSI Group Success during David McDonald’s Tenure

OSI group is one of the largest foods processing company globally; the organization celebrated nearly ten years of working partnership with China since establishing its network with the MacDonald brand opening. OSI group was the primary supplier of products such as beef, chicken, pork, eggs and dehydrated onions, during the Beijing Olympics. The team only received perennial feedback regarding its products.

OSI offers its services to other companies such as McDonald’s, Starbucks, Papa joins, Yum and many others. The group success over the years has been due to good leadership. David McDonald being the chief operations officer has decided the organization to the status it enjoys. Before joining OSI group, David served various roles such as chairman of the North America meat institute, an independent director of Marfig global foods S.A. David earned his undergraduate degree in Animal Science from Iowa state university in 1987.he was the recipient of the Wallace E Baron outstanding senior award.

OSI group has rolled out its plan to expand to other countries as part of their sustainability program. The company launched its most significant processing factory in Shandong. As part of the expansion program, the organization is spreading its roots in Poland and Hungary. OSI has been in the thick of purchasing flagship in Europe. The flagship enables the company to serve a variety of goods which include frozen poultry; pie sand witches fillings, dips, marinades, sauces, and dressing. The flagship will increase the company’s presence in the continent while complimenting with the subsidiaries services. David McDonald in his capacity is determined to meet consumer demand with a wide range of organic products. OSI has been investing in the development of innovative technology for quality food products. A good example is the X-ray machine which detects any biological particles present in the food products.

With David’s stewardship, OSI has acquired Baho food which is part of their grand strategy in Europe. Baho comes with various branches in Germany and Netherlands such as Q smart life, Bakx food, vital convenience, Genderland Frishwaren. Baho group will complement the wide range of services which OSI group has always been keen to serve. With the combined effort of OSI group and Baho, the team will have accomplished its efforts to serve Europe effectively.

OSI group has received the best results while David McDonald has been in leadership. With the coming years, the organization is projected to achieve even more success.

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