Myths About Vaginal Rejuvenation Explained

There has been a recent increase in vaginal rejuvenation procedures according to Jennifer Walden, M.D. She recently gave a presentation in Las Vegas about some of the myths associated with the cosmetic process and the truths behind those myths.

One of the myths discussed is that women want to change the appearance of the genitalia because men have expectations about what the body should look like with these expectations being unrealistic. Walden believes that women are getting rejuvenation because they want to look better, not because there is a man who has certain desires. The noninvasive procedure does have health benefits, such as decreasing bladder leakage in women who are nearing menopause.

Another myth is that women believe the vaginal area should be left alone and not enhanced or altered in any way. There are procedures, such as bikini waxes, that are commonly performed on women. Some women want to have the inner labia reduced in size as it can impact the sex life or make wearing certain kinds of clothing uncomfortable. A final myth is that women aren’t as concerned with the ability to orgasm and that men are the only ones who desire the orgasm during intercourse.

Jennifer Walden is a doctor who practices in Austin, Texas. She believes in helping women discover their body with the assistance of cosmetic surgery. Walden has participated in a number of speeches and has appeared on numerous news channels, such as ABC News, to offer information about cosmetic and plastic surgery.

Walden’s parents were in the medical field as her father was a dentist and her mother a surgical nurse. She attended school at the University of Texas, specializing in aesthetic surgery. Walden is a doctor who is dedicated to her patients and understands the importance of feeling beautiful in any way possible. She currently has an office in Marble Falls and lives with her twin sons.

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