Malcolm CasSelle: Creating a Revolutionary Online Game Trading Model

Since the dawn of the internet, more and more people started to play online games. Recently, a study suggested that the total number of online gamers around the world is at 400 million, and the industry of virtual trading items is growing. This prompted Malcolm CasSelle, an American entrepreneur, to create a system that would allow secure trading among the players and would prevent fraudulent transactions. The system is called WAX, an abbreviation for Worldwide Asset Exchange, and it is now being used by the majority of players around the world. In just a short period, WAX experiences tremendous popularity that even Malcolm CasSelle never dreamed of.

Being the president of OP Skins, Malcolm CasSelle noticed that most of the players are trading online without any assurance that their items will be given to them. He thought of a solution on how to get around this problem, and one of the things he proposed was to use the blockchain technology now being used by cryptocurrencies and monitor all of the transactions being made online. To his surprise, Malcolm CasSelle found out that the use of blockchain technology in virtual trading made more people trust the online item selles, and the cases of fraudulent activities went down. Malcolm CasSelle is proud of his achievement, and he keeps on advising online game players to ensure that the transactions they are into are not fraudulent. Today, the WAX system is considered by online gaming enthusiasts as one of the greatest inventions, and learn more about Malcolm CasSelle.

Malcolm CasSelle, aside from running his business and developing several platforms, is also known as a serial entrepreneur. At a very young age, he already established several businesses that either thrived or became successful. As he learned more in the world of business and commerce, he started to think how he can earn more money. He decided to found OP Skins, and through their new system called WAX, he is hoping that more people will be made aware of the existence of his company and that the people will be heading straight to his business and to make it grow, and contact him.