Jorge Moll: It Is Better To Give Than Receive

Neurologist Jorge Moll has learned many things about the brain from his research. The results of some of this research is quite fascinating.


Recently, while conducting a study on the moral compass in our brains, Jorge Moll discovered some very interesting things about how most brains work. More so the human brain, as it is tough to analyze the brains of some types of animals and the way they think.


The discovery came as Jorge Moll and a colleague were conducting brain scans on volunteers who were told to think about gaining a ton of money and either keeping it for themselves or give it away. The result was giving away the money actually trigger brain activity in the part of the brain that is satisfied by needs such as food and sex.


The conclusion is it is scientifically proven that our brain is hardwired to be good and have good morals. We gain something by giving to others.

Going back to animals, it is difficult to tell if this is the same for other animals such as giraffes or lions, but it has been seen in rats where one rat will stop eating if Sir neighbor rat is shocked every time they eat food. The rat will give up their food to avoid the other rat being hurt.


It was also concluded that damage to the brain can affect the morality if our decisions.


Jorge Moll is the Director at D’Or Institute for Research and Education located in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil ( He also serves as President and member of the covering board for the research institute. Jorge Moll is in charge of the Cognitive Neuroscience Unit.


Jorge Moll specializes on research such as the one above that include the human psychological and neural mechanisms of human choices, this also includes how morals and values affect these decisions. Jorge Moll is also a contributor to several publications.