Imran Haque Offers Insight To Others On How To Be Successful

While being interviewed, Dr. Imran Haque talks about being successful and what has helped him to be successful as an entrepreneur and at being a doctor. When it comes to those who offer influence to his success, the one person that he looks to for influencing is; President Barack Obama. Why is this the person who he looks to most? Because of the ability to maintain demeanor while under high levels of pressure.

While being interviewed, Imran Haque is asked about the one book he has read that has helped him out to be more successful and what would he tell others to read; “The Seven Habits Of The Highly Effective People”. A book that is written by Stephen R. Covey.

He also wants others to know that it is okay to fail along the way. All people will fail at something they are learning or trying to do. You will not be successful right out the door. You will need to have failures in order to learn from your mistakes. Imran Haque has also failed while learning the correct ways to do business and to be his best at medicine. When he was first starting out, he expanded so quickly that he was unable to manage properly his growing medicine practice. He overcame the failure by sticking to the things he knew best. He knew he had to continue trying in order to be successful.

The one rule that he lives by to be successful is to always treat others how you want to be treated. The rule has been the one thing that he lives by and the one thing that has helped him to create a business that has been as successful as it has over time. Because of the interactions that he has with others and the strong bedside manner he possess, Dr. Imran Haque has proven that he knows what he is doing, in the office and out of the office.

When asked about the things that he has to warn others about, the one thing he says to be wary of is the motives of others. He does not want you to be hard in everything that you do but to be wary of those around you and the fact that some can take advantage of the generosity that you have.

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