Freedom Debt Relief Customer Expresses Satisfaction

Freedom Debt Relief has become well known in the financial industry for the company’s creative and effective tactics for managing debt. This company, which was established in 2002 by Stanford Business School graduates Brad Stroh and Andrew Housser, has become a help to thousands of people across the world as they attempt to become financially independent. As a stated goal, Freedom Debt seeks to act as the industry leader in debt negotiation by thoroughly assessing client financial profiles and suggesting the best counseling program based on this assessment. In a recent publication of testimonials given about the company, Rita J. discussed her journey to debt freedom with Freedom Debt and read full article.


Customer Review

Rita J. found herself in a mountain of debt after handling many credit cards in an irresponsible way. Thinking that she could get by with paying only the minimum payments, Rita racked up massive amounts of debt in just five years. Soon, she came to the realization that she could not get out of debt on her own and required professional services. When she reached out to Freedom Debt, Rita was impressed with the customer service standards and the simple process that debt counselors walked her through. Rita now credits Freedom Debt with her current positive financial status and


How These Services Can Help

Individuals like Rita, who cannot seem to alleviate financial burdens alone, may benefit from Freedom Debt’s many programs and services. Because the certified debt consultants at Freedom Debt Relief have worked with thousands of similar cases over the last decade, most clients find that the strategies offered here are effective and affordable. The debt solutions and strategy company’s web page offers specific information regarding financial plans, debt strategies, and pricing options for each financial plan and learn more about Freedom Debt Relief.

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