Fabletics Becomes a Powerhouse

Some people that are checking out Fabletics may say that this company is a power house. After all it has become the type of brand that is leading the way because it connects to both online and offline shoppers. People are very pleased with the results that they have seen through the website, but Kate Hudson realizes that there is a whole new crowd of consumers that are going to be interested in shopping offline. This is why she is prepping the way for these customers by opening more stores.


According to the Forbes website, Kate Hudson has plans to open as many as 100 stores all within the next five years. This is definitely a very lofty goal for someone that has spent most of her time grooming customers that were shopping online. In fact, Kate Hudson put the biggest amount of emphasis on connecting with online shoppers because this is where it made the most sense to connect with her target market.


Many people were signing up for VIP membership, and they were getting the clothes that they loved ship directly to their door each month. This has not changed, but Kate realizes that in order for Fabletics to grow that she must do the groundwork of opening brick and mortar stores.


In this day and age of social media and apps it seems somewhat of a backwards step to consider the possibilities of opening physical stores. It almost seems like a step away from the possibility of earning profits. Kate Hudson realizes, however, that there is something else to consider. She knows that there is an online crowd that is going to make Fabletics popular, but she also realizes that there is a lot of growth for customers that do not even shop online. That may be the real reason that she is adamant about connecting with an offline crowd of consumers.


Kate Hudson is someone that has managed to realized that the stores that she has open right now are profitable, but there are only a few of the Fabletics stores in place. She is realizing that her customer base can grow with more of these physical stores.


She knows that there is a possibility to make profit because she already sees that there are stores in existence that are making profits right now.


The profitability of these physical stores is definitely a factor in bringing forth a lot of new stores, but that is not the only thing that is driving Kate Hudson. Another thing that she realizes is that other athletic clothing retailers like Amazon are branching out into physical storefronts. This is making it harder for her to compete if she only has a small physical store presence. Kate realizes that in order to compete with other clothing companies that she has to put time into building a physical presence. She wants to be more than just an entrepreneur that is handling an online store. Kate wants Fabletics to thrive offline as well.