End Citizens United – Recap LA Times Article

Alabama’s recent special election to fill the seat vacated by Attorney General Sen. Jeff Sessions, resulted in a loss for Trump-backed candidate Luther Strange. Once the votes were all tallied, embattled former judge Roy Moore emerged as the victor, who will go on to run against Democrat candidate Doug Jones on Dec. 12, 2017. The winner will take over Session’s seat.

Moore has made it known that he has every intention to walk lockstep with Donald Trump’s federal legislation. However, there is no guarantee that Moore will lock up the seat against Jones, who is a former U.S. Attorney and backed by a political action committed set on ending Citizens United.

President of End Citizens United, Tiffany Moore, vocalized her opinion regarding Moore’s extreme positions and long list of legal issues. Moore’s extreme conservative positions are well-known throughout Alabama and the U.S. His penchant for interjecting his personal views into his rulings and numerous incidence of conflicts of interest have created a great deal of controversy, and End Citizens United’s lacrosse camp.

Moore was booted off the Alabama bench for refusing to follow a federal judge’s order to remove a granite plaque of the 10 Commandments from the courthouse lobby. In fact, he’s been booted twice. In fact, even more red meat has emerged about Moore’s connection with a charity that paid him a $1 million stipend, and its Facebook.

Jones, who has prosecuted numerous civil rights cases during his tenure as U.S. Attorney, has a stellar record. While he has hit some bumps in fund raising, it is believed that the End Citizens United committee will provide a catalyst for fund raising.

Jones’ fight may be near impossible because the state of Alabama has not voted in a Democrat to any national office in over 10 years.

End Citizens United is a on a mission to make stop political finance corruption. A 2008 United States Supreme Court ruling made it legal to pour literally millions of dollars into campaigns, reasoning that corporations and organizations had personhood rights. End Citizens United is hoping to garner enough support to end the practice of allowing limited campaign contributions as long as they come from the U.S.

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