Doug Levitt Takes Us on a Greyhound Journey

In a compassionate attempt to better understand the everyday struggle so many Americans face, former news correspondent turned singer-songwriter Doug Levitt set out on a 120,000 thousand mile journey via the Greyhound Bus Lines. The journey, which lasted thirteen years, allowed Levitt the opportunity to capture the stories of the Greyhound passengers, and the hearts of his listeners and viewers. Aside from the stories and memories shared during the experience, Levitt also got an up close and personal view of the effect that poverty has on the citizens of America and more information click here.

Through a series of words, songs and pictures, Levitt perfectly illustrates the experiences of America’s public transportation passengers. Sharing their everyday struggles and success, as well as their dreams and realities. Through his journey, we learn that we all share similar circumstances, and many of us even share the same dreams.

As the child of a successful Washington, D.C. City Council member, Levitt felt that he was afforded opportunities that he peers were not. Growing up in a well to do neighborhood did not render him incapable of noticing the more unfortunate circumstances of others around him. At just 16, Levitt lost his father. In order to cope, he immersed himself into his interest in art, and set his sights on becoming an artist. After receiving a Fulbright Scholarship to the London School of Economics, Levitt’s career goals shifted. Upon graduation, he landed a position as a foreign news correspondent in London and Doug’s lacrosse camp.

During his time as a correspondent, Levitt began to long for a career that allowed him to do what he was passionate about-art. In a quick decision, he packed his bags and headed for Nashville and began his career as a singer-songwriter, using his passion and talent, to raise awareness, and give a voice to America’s struggling citizens and learn more about Doug.