Benefiting from Shea Butter

The summer is the time we all look forward to. We can finally lay out by the pool with friends and family, go on vacations, and simply enjoy the sun. As much as we all love and even need the sun, our skin can only handle so much of it. In fact, our skin is

Creating Color In A Bleak World

Some of us are having more fun at work than others. In a bleak world where depression, anxiety and fear can often reign, it’s encouraging to see an entrepreneur like Doe Deere, creator of the innovative makeup company Lime Crime, taking a brighter perspective on work and life. Since childhood, Deere has been enamored of

Wen by Chaz Makes Great Hair Products

Are you dealing with thinning or unattractive hair and need a good hair conditioner? Have you been looking for a great way to restore shine and bounce to your thinning hair? If so, you need to check out this amazing hair conditioning product by Wen by Chaz Dean [see,]. For many years, I struggled

An Evaluation of John Goullet’s Role at Diversant Media

Adequate staffing continues to present a persistent headache to many corporate executives. In this regard, Diversant LLC was formed to help information technology firms meet their employee requirements. Starting off as a boutique solutions provider, the company has grown in leaps and bounds. Its current client portfolio consists some of the largest Fortune 500 firms.