Bridget Scarr on wine apps, meditation, and finding inspiration

Entrepreneurship is on the rise. People are getting tired of the 9 to 5 rat race. On top of that, the profits go the executives on top, not the employees. Entrepreneurship is a rich and rewarding experience that can lead to so many benefits. Plus you have control of your ideas, what you want to do, and what direction you want your business to go in. Bridget Scarr is no different. Tired of bring other people’s ideas to life, she decided to make a career change and focus on her own ideas.


Bridget Scarr is located in London, United Kingdom. She is a dreamer, executive producer, singer/songwriter, and writer. She believes in magic and loves to meditate. Being a seasoned executive producer, she has worked on so many technical and creative projects that it is hard to keep count. Some of these include children’s animation, drama, factual entertainment programming, lifestyle, and entertainment. Ms. Scarr has been in charge of teams from 5 to 220 people.


Now she works at Colibri Studios as an executive producer. She founded the company to focus more on the creative aspect of content creation. Her platforms are digital content, augmented reality, virtual reality, interactive exhibition, and traditional television projects. The successful businesswoman gets to create content that inspires people by evoking their emotions and intellect. It has worked out very well so far. Some of the ideas she brings to life are from her own mind. Bridget finds inspiration from so many sources that include television shows, being in nature, meditation, taking time out, and spending time with her son. She swears by meditation and does it every morning to start her day off on a good foot. Bridget attributes it to her well being and says it helped her during a challenging time in her life. If she could give her younger self constructive advice she has plenty. Love unconditionally, eliminate fear, trust your journey, be light and be free, be appreciative for your talents, and be grateful for your loved ones is her self-appointed advice. Being an entrepreneur Bridget is always thinking of new business ideas. One of them is to create all encompassing wine app. Not only should there a virtual reality 360 wine tours, but the best wines would be delivered to your door. Add in a wine concierge who would serve you the wine, paired with the best food for each wine.


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