Boraie Development Commitment in Real Estate

According to a recent article published by Yahoo, the focus of the US catastrophe of flooding real estate market is sidetracking to New Jersey hence, threatening the recovery of housing among the heavily populated regions in the country. According to Zillow, a real estate tracking trailing giant, New Jersey has outshined many states by securing the highest rates and shares of residential mortgages in delinquency and foreclosure. As a result, the New Jersey real estate markets are trailing significantly in the country.


Nevertheless, the falling rates of foreclosure and delinquency provide a reflection of the great effects of the severe post-crisis results as well as the improved fundamentals such as the higher rates of employment, profits of home prices and formation of households. Positive trends are expected to continue in the future as the sector continues to divert its focus in ascertaining and solving shortages and the immediate affordability problem and the developing markets.


According to Lawrence Yun, a Realtor Chief Economist, the housing shortages are likely to increase and may eventually result in a housing crisis if the gap between housing demands and housing supplies continues to widen. Given the shortage of homes for sales and auctions, and the fast speed of selling newly erected homes, the dropping housings and housing permits are still bewildering.


However, there are many contracting firms and upcoming developments with the objective of enhancing New Jersey’s real estate markets. With its record of development for more than 20 years, Sam Boraie and Boraie Development is among the highly recognized firms in New Jersey. The reason why the company has a good reputation is that it mostly utilizes private sources of capital such as commercial banks together its sources to fund its projects, like the State Theater NJ and many more.


Boraie Development ( offers a wide range of services that focus on every part of real estate market: developing real estates, marketing and selling properties and managing real estates. The corporation is devoted to creating outstanding properties and also giving unmatched services to their clients. Boraie Development maintains all its properties with remarkable detail as well as carrying out physical improvements regularly. The local sales team of the firm work together effortlessly with real estate management and property development sections to understand the strategic commercial and residential aspects of all the developments in the company.


Boraie concentrates on developing projects that attract financial partners, tenants, and residents who eventually commit to a longstanding relationship. The development and acquisition properties of the company are usually marketed to meet the rising demand for housing estates. View Boraie’s profile on