Adam Milstein’s Philanthropic Nature Challenges Many People

Philanthropy is a character that is etched in the core of Adam Milstein. His heritage traces back to Haifa, Israel. For Adam Milstein, he treasures humble beginnings as that’s the point in life where you get to learn the valuable lessons. When you rise and become successful from ordinary state, then you will always appreciate the value of life and the path taken to achieve success and what Adam Milstein knows.

As a result, you will end up getting the notion that success is not yours alone and you will desire to see other people around you rise to the same level and become great. For Adam Milstein, the story has not any different. Adam Milstein’s father was a real estate developer, and his mother was a homemaker. Adam Milstein enrolled to work for the revered Israeli Defense Forces, and he worked together with the former Israeli prime minister Ariel Sharon.

Once the fighting was over and there was no need stay in the army, Adam Milstein enrolled for a Bachelor of Science in Business Degree course, and he completed his studies in 1978. While in school, Adam Milstein married Gila Elgrably, and in 1981, they successfully moved to the United States where they obtained full citizenship. While working at Hager Pacific Properties, that is when Adam Milstein realized the importance of engaging in philanthropy, and since then, he has never become tired of helping those who may be in need and more information click here.

Adam Milstein was motivated by the need to make an impact in life, and that is when in conjunction with his wife, they decided to establish the Adam and Gila Family Milstein Foundation with the objective of supporting other charitable organizations. Currently, the foundation has rapidly grown since it has received much support from the government and other interested parties.

The organization aims to empower Americans, Jews, and Israelis who live in the United States. The foundation is purely non-profit and coaches young Jews so that they can understand their culture better. Judaism is widely taught by the organization as Adam Milstein believes that it is necessary for the young generation to have a sense of identity and Adam’s lacrosse camp.