Eric Lefkofsky Talks With Fortune

Eric Lefkofsky spoke with Fortune recently about Tempus, which he was inspired to start after his wife was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. Doctors don’t have the necessary access to data when treating Cancer. Treatment could be made better if a doctor was able to access a database of information about a patient that includes the

Why Use Wen? One Writer’s Review

If you haven’t heard of WEN hair by Chaz yet, you must not own a television. Chaz Dean is an ultra-celebrity hair stylist that helps exclusive A-listers get the silky, smooth hair of their dreams. Wen by Chaz is his line of innovative products that do exactly that, while sticking to healthy natural ingredients. First,

Doug Levitt Takes Us on a Greyhound Journey

In a compassionate attempt to better understand the everyday struggle so many Americans face, former news correspondent turned singer-songwriter Doug Levitt set out on a 120,000 thousand mile journey via the Greyhound Bus Lines. The journey, which lasted thirteen years, allowed Levitt the opportunity to capture the stories of the Greyhound passengers, and the hearts

Karl Heideck Offers Justice Through Litigation

Litigation is the process of filing a complaint with the aim of pursuing justice. When an individual files a lawsuit, the process is referred to as litigation. The process of litigation involves many steps. Usually, the offended reports the case to a litigator, who is the attorney in charge of the prosecution. It includes steps