Securus Technologies On Safety

In the public safety field, Securus Technologies is the leader, and they take their position very seriously. They are publishing letters from their customers and clients. This information is good for the public to see.


They have also invited the people to a presentation at their facility in Dallas, TX. Here the people will have a chance to see what they are working on, and how it will help in the country and the world. The people will be able to ask questions about the company too, and this will be informative and educational for many people that are interested in the safety field.


The company is known all around the world for what they do, and they are in constant demand in North America. Every week, they develop new technologies that can help to keep the people safer. Their staff is experienced and trained in what they do, and they are serious about their goal, which is to make the world a safer place for everyone to live and work in. The company is sought after by the government on a regular basis, and they deal with over a million incarcerated people every year. They use a variety of techniques to limit crimes in both the civil and criminal sectors of justice. The future will bring even more important advancements from the company, and they will continue to create a safer environment for all.




In the beverage game, bottled water is not loved as one of the players even though it is one of the most famous drinks among purchasers.

Gust said that Waiakea water is the name of this special volcanic water that comes from the Hawaiian highlands. The water falls as rain and is naturally filtered through the tropical rain forest. Due to this Waiakea has an award winning taste. Learn more about more Waiakea Water:

The sources of this water is entirely solitary from the rest of the world as far as Hawaii where it either rains or snow melts from the top of Mauna Loa volcano.

The liquid seeps into the ground from the most natural environments and if filtered through numerous volcanic rocks before resurfacing again at a water source. According to Forbes, Waiakea water has benefits to the body and it contains a Ph of 8.8 meaning it has no sour or acidic taste.

Ryan Emmons started the water company in 2012 at age 22.this endeavor is environmentally tolerant and has a packaging that gives back to the society in need.

His company has grown 4000% times and people are now taking him seriously. The company has an annual growth rate of 170%, this allowed the company to grow from 2,304 cases to 122,400 cases that were sold over a period of three and a half years.

The local water distributors and other large national scale players like Whole Foods signed quickly hence the steady rise. The company’s total growth is quite commendable and has put Emmons at a place where he can share his wealth.

The water is rich in alkaline therefore helps in the balance of body fluids. Scientific studies have proven that natural alkaline water can help in the fight of oestroposis. Drinking 10mg per day of the silica found in water cuts down by 11 % the risk of Alzheimer’s, further research have.

Waikea water has partnered with Pump Aid in that every bottle of water sold; 650 ML is given to the needy communities. So far about 5000 million liters have been donated to the less fortunate rural societies in Africa.

They have ties with a co-packing facility in long beach California where the water is bottled through an eco-friendly process.

The water travels in stainless steel tanks at a distance of 2.500 miles. The Waikea water bottles take less than 85% energy to manufacture as they are made completely from recycled bottles. The company is determined to keep those high standards.

Mike Heiligenstine And His Company Geared Towards Offering Solutions To The Transit Industry

Solutions For Traffic In Williamson County


The annual Williamson County Growth Summit, in the 19th year of Austin Business Journal, framed a rather different topic. Transportation challenges in the Austin area were dealt with, discussing how technological advances seem to change the transport industry. Addressing the problem were; Mike Heiligenstein, the Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority Executive Director, Joseph Kopser who founded RideScout LCC, Leandre Johns, current Texas External Affairs Director, and Jared Ficklin, who works at AgroDesign.


Mike Heiligenstein points out that Austin area needs to develop more roads to host the majority of its population, especially in the suburb regions such as Williamson County. Mike advises that the roads need to be upfront smarter, efficient, and technically advanced bearing in mind that more people will be coming into the region. Mike also shed light on the issue of driverless cars saying the adoption rate was going to be rather slow, and tedious but most of all they should focus on improving the capacity of the roads.


Ficklin highlighted the notion that buildings and land use codes need to remain flexible since the parking garages that are yet to come, do not fit any current building code. He says the new garages will have several features, a service station, and a charging station on different levels and will be an inch taller than the car.


Regarding the first and last mile issue, John said that companies such as Uber, could be of great help. Such companies offer solutions to both the commuter and public transit. The rider is sort when it comes to getting on or off the public transportation, and this makes it easier for one to use public transit.


About Mike Heiligenstein


Mike Heiligeinstein is a transportation expert. Before joining Mobility Authority, he was serving as a civil servant in Williamson County for twenty-three years. Mike is the president of The International Bridge Tunnel and Turnpike Association. He is also on the Advisory Board of the Texas A&M Transportation Institute.


About Mobility Authority


It was created in 2002 and is an independent government body seeking to improve the transportation system in Williamson as well as Travis Counties. It is under the Texas Transportation Code Chapter 370. It has an extensive jurisdiction to implement extensive transportation systems such as railways, airports, roadways and seaports. The Mobility Authority’s mission is to offer mobility solutions. The MoPac Project is among its best innovation to curb the issue of traffic congestion. MoPac will help manage traffic flow, and its express lane will be moving even if the other lanes are at a halt. Also, Mobility Authority has partnered with Metropia, and together they have come up with an app that shows the user alternative routes to use in case of traffic. Mobility Authority is dedicated to offering transit solutions and enabling Austin area to develop smart roads for the future.

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Clean Your Body With Pleasant-Tasting Meals Suggested By


Do you wanna eat what you wanna eat and still lose weight? Wouldn’t that be a great diet? Well, now you can with cuisine.



Pleasant Tasting Dherbs Recipes


Mother Nature has created a well-rounded foundation for managing your body weight. You can find foods for gaining, maintaining or losing weight. Some fail to lose weight because they don’t find recipes, which are appealing to the palate. solves this conundrum, as Trust Pilot’s reviewers backed up. They combine healthy and tasty ingredients together to make “meals, you wanna eat.” Here are three Dherbs Cleanse recipes:


Tikel Gomen is Ethiopian for “Cabbage Dish.” How many obese Ethiopians have you ever met? The Dherbs meal is cholesterol lowering, including extra virgin olive oil, cumin, black pepper and turmeric.

  • Homemade Vegan Vietnamese Pho
  • Maple Pecan Pie Smoothie
  • Tikel Gomen



Soup is always a great item for a diet. The Homemade Vegan Vietnamese Pho is a tasty broth, which is low in fat.


The Maple Pecan Pie Smoothie is dairy free. Some milk products can be quite fattening. The maple flavor gets your digestive juices flowing and also satisfies your sugar fix.



Cardboard is Packaging, Not Food


Some diet plans forget that you eat food for taste. Life should not be like a Star Trek episode where you put little pills in a machine and they turn into Styrofoam food. Was this the model for the 3D printer? Unfortunately, the 3D printer makes plastic, bland items not fit for consumption. offers great ingredients in pleasant-tasting vegan meals. You should be excited about properly managing your weight. With Dherbs Cleanse, you have a reason to eat healthy.  AD Dolphin talked about this motivation from when he designed, in an informative interview with Ideamensch.


Stay motivated, have fun and manage your weight. Dherbs is your partner. You might simply want to eat a more healthy meal after a bout of eating bad food.


You don’t need to eat cardboard-texture, bland-flavored rice cakes any longer. If you can’t stomach diet food, then how can you lose weight? Satisfy your appetite with pleasant tasting meals from

All you Need to Know about Jeffrey Schneider

Jeffrey Schneider is a known entrepreneur having started the Capital LLC boutique. He attained a degree from the University of Massachusetts. It prepared him to face the many challenges in the workplace. He is experienced in the field having worked with Axiom Capital Management and Prodigm Global Advisors. He has also worked for the Merrill Lynch, Smith Barney and Alex Brown. The companies have provided him with the required experience to manage and achieve big in his current organization.

He is a keen believer that alternative investments are the way to counter the market situation. Using this approach has made the organization reap a great success. He provides the best environment that has made the organization have huge success.

The company has its roots in Austin. It specializes in marketing, sales among other services to its clients. The firm has seen success under the leadership of Jeffry. Currently, it houses more than thirty employees from the previous 2 in five years that it has been in operational. The success has been brought by the willingness of the organization to work with different partners and have increased networks. In the duration of time, the company has raised over $1 billion that have been used to buy real estate’s auto dealership among many other activities. In future, they hope to have their income increased to about $50 million a month. To enable this, they hope to double their efforts and offer more quality services to their clients.

The organization is a leader in helping the community. It has occasionally been involved various projects in the community. It has also been involved in many charitable activities.Large grants have been released to help the various communities. Among the top beneficiaries is the God Loves We Deliver, Cherokee Home for Children and Wonders and worries among much more.

Surely with all the efforts and best workers in place, the organization is determined to have a fast growth. Their goals and better policies will see the company cement its place in the industry. And with the current trend soon the company will rank among the best globally.

How Evolution Of Smooth Took Over The Lip Balm Market

A Rising Star

Before Evolution of Smooth made its mark on the lip balm market, the lip balm market was dominated by the likes of Clorox and Pfizer. It was assumed that no lip balm consumers were simply too loyal to the brands they had bought and would never consider switching to another. Evolution of Smooth challenged this idea and decided to make a name for itself as the lip balm of young women. That decision paid off more than anyone could have imagined.

The Kids Love It

Lip balm is often thought of as a unisex product, but research reveals that women are in fact the primary consumers of lip balm. Naturally, it made sense to target women and to reach out to Millennial women in particular. EOS lip balm was founded in 2007 and the marketing shows this. Throughout social media the presence of Evolution of Smooth is impossible to ignore. Generally speaking, the lip balm market isn’t known for any elaborate advertising campaign, but that is exactly where the strength of Evolution of Smooth lies. Evolution of Smooth is currently the most prominent advertiser in the lip balm market.

The Numbers Don’t Lie

All of this hard work is paying off. Right now, EOS is the second most popular brand of lip balm. It sells about 1 million units a week thanks to its strong support among young women. The products are available on major stores which includes Lucky Vitamin, Walmart and Target. Over the course its life Evolution of Smooth has generated more than $250 million in revenue. This level of success speaks to the prowess of the founders of EOS and the staying power of this brand. Evolution of Smooth is currently branching out and introducing new products such as shaving cream and lotions. The future for these products appears just as bright as it did for EOS lip balm.

The Medical Career of JeanMarie Guenot


JeanMarie Guenot is an accomplished business woman and also specializes in the medical industry. Pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry are the areas where she is mostly occupied in. she has over 20 years in the medical industry. She is well-known in building and rebuilding healing centers for a great future. She has an MBA from the Wharton School from the University of Pennsylvania and a Ph.D. from the University of California.


SKS Ocular and SKS Ocular 1 are among the companies she started and managed (source: LinkedIn). The goal of the companies is to distribute drug technologies, continuous release ocular medicine, dry AMD, macular degeneration and therapeutics for glaucoma. JeanMarie Guenot served as a vice president of business and corporate Development at PDL BioPharma. She was in charge of managing Biogen Idec-PDL partial growth. After that she was a company advisor for Hoffmann-La Roche in Basel and Shanghai. The Biogen Idec-PDL had 3 distinctions of Phase 2 Cancer as well as autoimmune illness patients.


The organization was able to have $800 million in a transaction. After some time Dr. Guenot achieved an award in Bio Business Network’s Initiative in 2005. She actively participated in the sale of PDL’S commercial and manufacturing businesses. Executive Team and Portfolio Administration Committee of PDL are other areas where she was involved in. she also specializes in cardiovascular diseases, oncology, neurology and autoimmune diseases.


JeanMarie Guenot leads Amphivena Therapeutics together with her partners. Amphivena Therapeutics is a medical company that started in 2013. It is based San Francisco, California. The objective of the company is to help eradicate all forms of blood cancers and reinstate healthy lives to patients suffering from those diseases. They carry out this enhancement through a modified therapy that links the immune body of the patients to end cancer cells. Their end goal is to reconstruct the cellular constancy in order of a healthy blood flow and circulation. (source: Amphivena Leadership).


The organization has recently created an antibody therapy to boost their way of detecting blood cancer symptoms. Prominent companies and enough professionalism from other firms have joined the company to help initiate a better network in enhancing better therapy to eliminate cancer.

Roberto Santiago Allows People To Bring Their Wardrobe To Life

Every now and then, people need to change up their style. However, some groups of people may have a limited selection when it comes to style on Fortunately, there are some stores that challenge the limits that are opposed on this group. One example of this group that are often faced with limitations is men. Men often have a limited selection when it comes to clothes. Therefore, they have to look more deeply for the unique items that they have sworn they seen men wear. Fortunately, Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping makes this possible. For one thing, it is a big mall that attracts many different types of stores.

Not only do men get to look at the many different items that the stores are offering people, but they also get to try on the clothes in order to see how they fit. They also get to find out what size fits them the best on Therefore, people are happy to enjoy all of the options they could get with the stores in this particular mall. Those that are trying to add some extra spice to their wardrobe are going to go through a process.

This process on that occurs involves them shopping around. While they shop around, they try to find some of the greatest pieces of fashion as well as affordable prices. Often times, they settle at a store. This store often offers the best fashion and affordable pricing. This becomes their regular store. However, there are other stores they get to check out that has some really good items.

This is they type of experience that Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping offers with his mall. He is someone that understands shopping and wants to make sure that people have the best shopping experience no matter what they go for.

Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping Centre is a great mall for various purposes. People often meet there for dating and other activities. There is no shortage of activities on To make things better, there are always events that people could visit. This is what makes Roberto’s establishment one of the greatest features in the country. People who live close by should check this place out.

Highland Capital Helps to Serve Domestic Violence Victims

The Family Place has been working diligently to raise money for its Legacy campaign, which will raise money for a new shelter. Highland Capital Management has announced they will be adding a $1 million grant to challenge others to donate.

This grant will match donations up to that amount. The campaign only needs to raise 2.8 million more over the next 6 months in order to reach its goal. James Dondero, President and co-founder, and Highland Capital, have made that goal a possibility. The announcement of the grant was made during this organization’s 21st Annual Texas Trailblazer Awards Luncheon.

The grant will be handled through the Highland Dallas Foundation and it will match up to 50% of any donation. Two civic leaders, Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings and Dallas Police Chief David Brown, appreciate Highland Capital and the Family Place for their efforts in family violence intervention.

This campaign will help build a new Dallas counseling center. Learn more about James Dandero:

The center will have 13 emergency shelter bedrooms, medical and dental services, and many more life saving services. It is projected that this shelter will serve more than 2,000 annually. The new shelter will also be home to the Be Project, which educates more than 6,000 students every year. They will also have an animal shelter which will help domestic violence victims with pets.

Highland Capital Management is an investment adviser that serves clients globally. They have offices in New York, Sao Paolo, Singapore, and Seoul, serving both public and private sector. They also invest in charities through the Highland Foundation.

Nathaniel Ru and Sweetgreen poised for continued success

Nathaniel Ru’s unique approach to the restaurant business has resulted in explosive growth for his Sweetgreen restaurant chain. Ru, a 2007 graduate of Georgetown University’s McDonough School of Business, received a bachelor of science in finance. Shortly after graduation, Ru, along with two partners, founded the Sweetgreen brand.


Sweetgreen’s first store opened in Washington D.C. and customers quickly fell in love with the restaurant’s providing of reasonably priced salads that are both healthy and tasty. The chain grew quickly and as of October, 2016 there were 64 sweetgreen restaurants nationwide.


Nataniel Ru has spoken quite candidly about the unique approach of his company. Ru feels that his company’s unique approach to choosing locations for new stores has played a large role in Sweetgreen’s success. “How we enter a market is just as important as how many stores we do.” Ru was quoted as saying in a recent interview. He went on to say that Sweetgreen stores “don’t want just lunch traffic, but dinners and weekends as well.“


Another major aspect of Sweetgreen’s success is what Nathaniel Ru calls service design. Ru describes this concept as the “the culmination of storytelling, technology, and design itself — elevating simply selling a product to a personalized, consistent service to each customer.” In practice, Sweetdream customers are greeted by friendly faces in a clean environment. Sweetdream stores display open kitchens which allow customers to see all ingredients and preparation. When a customer orders he is afforded the luxury of picking the ingredients of his salad with one on one assistance from a Sweetgreen employee. And for those without time to wait in line, Sweetgreen developed an app that customers can use before arrival to their local store.


Sweetgreen has also made their relationship with local farmers an essential part of their business operations. In fact, Ru says that the company speaks to area farmers before even reaching out to potential landlords. The goal of this policy is to assure that Sweetgreen has the necessary supply of fresh ingredients needed to assure the supply chain for a cluster of stores. This approach has led to Sweetgreen providing a variety of green foods unequaled by any other restaurant. “We can show that there’s more to eat besides kale,” Ru says. “There are more vegetables in the ground than most people think.”